26 Sep 2021
tags:  improvements  construction  design  resonance  

A New Model.

A new version with incremental but important improvements.

I am currently building two of my latest version of the Sycorax.

There are several changes and improvements.

  • Added a smooth curve where the neck and pegbox join. This will improve strength, and may also feel nicer, although it isn't an area you usually touch while playing.
  • Added a carbon fibre rod through the neck/pegbox join and partway up the back of the pegbox, to make that area much stronger.
  • Removed the fingerboard support that was added in the 2020 model, as I felt that the resonance created from the projection of the fingerboard is beneficial to the tone, and was being eliminated by the fingerboard support. However I have added a fingerboard support at the neck join that extends a short way under the fingerboard, while still allowing most of the fingerboard length to vibrate.
  • I now coat the inside of the pegbox with an epoxy / carbon fibre powder mix for strength.
  • Changed the print slicing software, so the printed parts make use of some more sophisticated settings and should be stronger.
  • Printing at a hotter temperature, for better layer adhesion and greater strength. This currently causes some minor imperfcetions in the surface finish, but I think the stringth is more important.